Flood barriers - Order to the Western Balkans

June 2017

Due to major natural disasters in the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia) and Turkey, the Italian state company Studiare Sviluppo has in cooperation with the Swedish MSB, the Slovenian URSZR, the German THW, the Croatian NPDR and the Italian CIMA and DPS, prepared the IPA floods program. The program is funded by the EU and aims to prevent flooding.

During the autumn of 2016 a tender for preparedness equipment was submitted. Inero won the competition for Lot no 1 and in May 2017 Inero delivered 7x 400m complete H80 barrier to the recepient countries. All the barriers came packed into the new specially designed steel crates – 100 metres of complete barrier in each steel crate.

In the IPA floods program the emergency preparedness products are donated to countries. The donation consisted in Inero’s H80 Barrier (Lot 1), Sandfillers, Tents, Pumps and Water Containers (Lot 2-6). In addition to the material, complete training in handling the equipment was included in the donation. The training took place in Germany in spring 2017.






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