Flood barriers - Inero in the UK

July 2017

With the major floods in Britain in recent years, the British authorities have lifted their preparedness. In the summer of 2016, the UK Authority, the Environment Agency (EA), signed a two-year framework for mobile flood barriers, with three different suppliers, of which Inero is one.

In the autumn of 2016, Inero received a large order and supplied a large amount of H100 barrier to EA. The barrier is stored in a central warehouse to allow it to be sent quickly to vulnerable areas. An agreement between EA and the logistics partner Stobart Group is in place to facilitate logistics.

Last October a large training session with more than 1000 people was carried out. In addition, the EA also conducts continuous exercises to train their staff to be prepared for coming floods. Another exercise along the River Tyne in Newcastle has been undertaken when 700metres of barriers were built along the river. It took about four hours for twenty seven people to complete the erection of the Inero H100 barrier and three hours to dis-assemble it again.

"Our teams have been trained with new kits, including flood barriers, pumps and vehicles so we can react faster and more flexibly." Sir James Bevan, CEO of EA.

Over the past year, Inero has participated in a couple of trade shows including the Flood Expo, London and Flood & Coast, Telford, with a good response from the market.

During the spring Inero has begun to collaborate with Tim Collingwood and his team at Flood Control International Ltd. An experienced partner with many years within the field of flood equipment.







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