Better protection around oil cisterns

Sept 2018


YSAB is a company with extensive experience in finishings and coatings, with a special focus on high quality coating products for materials such as concrete and steel. The company carries out finishing on-site in industries such as paper and pulp, hydroelectric power, public institutions and chemical companies.

Inero’s Reliable Protection Basin

Many oil ports want to add an extra layer of protection. Generally they already have concrete walls surrounding the oil cistern to prevent leakage, so the next step is to install a second barrier in the event that the first fails. Inero’s barrier, combined with a protective coating, provides a reliable, flexible and economical solution.


A second wall is built around the oil cistern using the Inero mobile barrier with corner modules. Since this barrier is a permanent solution, it is fixed to the ground with rebar. Once in place, the barrier and the ground are covered with Geotextile, which is anchored on the barrier edge with clips. Finally, the foundation is coated with a layer of Plurea, which prevents any possible leakage from reaching the groundwater.

Available in five different heights, the Inero barrier that best suited YSAB’s purpose was the lowest one, 50 cm high. The company installed 250 metres of barrier walls in a circle around the oil cistern.


Quick and easy installation

Reliable protection

Robust and durable

Economical solution

Inero's protective basin around oil cistern

Inero's protective basin around oil cistern

Inero's protective basin around oil cistern 

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