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Our best weapon against the water is time

INERO™ flood barriers are an alternative to heavy, complicated, time-consuming flood protection systems. At the heart of our system is the best stability and durability on the market. We add value by using the best of materials, innovative solutions and efficient production methods. INERO™ flood barriers are easy to store, transport and assemble – they’re lightweight and easy to manage and require no experience. They were developed for professional use in collaboration with Swedish fire & rescue services. Our focus was on the most crucial aspect in a flood: time.

Innovative solution with a world patent

INERO™ flood barriers are based on a simple, clever design with no time-consuming couplings and pins. The barrier’s metal plates interlock using a patented quick connector and the new foot beam is patent pending. They are easy to use and no tools are needed. INERO™ flood barriers meet all safety requirements and are tested for durability. All products are manufactured by ISO-certified companies in Sweden.

Assembles in three easy steps

INERO™ flood barriers are easy to assemble, with no previous knowledge. Two to three persons can install 100 metres of H80 barrier in about an hour.
1.Connect the barrier sections using the quick connector.
2.Mount the support legs and foot beams. Each leg is fitted with a pre-mounted nut that fits into a keyhole slot in the barrier wall and can be tightened manually.
3.Roll the specially designed polyethylene film over the barrier framework, attach with clips on the top edge, anchor at the bottom with sand or gravel.


INERO™ flood barriers are made of a marine-grade aluminium alloy that does not corrode, even in salt water. This means the barriers are practically indestructible.


Lightweight materials and innovative design contribute to a low weight and good stackability, simplifying storage and transport. One cargo pallet, or one special designed pallet in galvanized steel, is enough for 100 metres of H80 barrier (barrier segments, support legs, foot beams and membrane). A cargo container can hold 700 metres of the H80 barrier (80 cm high).

After use, the barriers can simply be cleaned and reloaded onto their pallets.


INERO™ flood barriers are designed with minimal materials. Their low weight also means reduced carbon emissions from transport. The barriers have an extremely long service life and are 100% recyclable. Sort the bolts and screws as steel. The polyethylene film is single-use only and is suitable for eco-friendly incineration.



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