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Mobile flood barriers with easy logistics.
A Swedish innovation for effective protection of material and intangible assets.

Better protection around oil cisterns

Many oil ports want to add an extra layer of protection. Generally they already have concrete walls surrounding the oil cistern to prevent leakage, so the next step is to install a second barrier in the event that the first fails. Inero’s barrier, combined with a protective coating, provides a reliable, flexible and economical solution.

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Inero's protective barrier

As an additional protective barrier, a basin is built around the substation. Thanks to Inero’s mobile protection barrier, the installations were easy and much faster, while protection from oil leaks was better than ever.

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About us

Inero is one of the top companies in flood protection. INERO™ flood barriers are based on a patented innovation that saves time and effort in installation. Developed for professional use in collaboration with Swedish fire and rescue services. All our flood barriers are manufactured in Sweden from non-corroding marine-grade aluminium.

Praise for Inero

We compared Inero’s products with others on the market and felt that Inero’s barriers were far and away the best. They’re easy to set up, durable and meet our needs.

Mikael Lindgren, Municipality of Kungsbacka

The insurance company, Länsförsäkringar in Jönköping, Sweden works extensively with preventive measures in various areas. By investing in flood barriers from Inero, we can prevent flood damage in our county. That’s good for us, the people we insure and the environment!

Lennart Sundberg, Insurance company - Länsförsäkringar, Jönköping